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 Join many others in discovering the beauty and art to be found in any parish churchyard.

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Back in 2001, when I discovered the beautiful artwork to be found on old Headstones I promised myself, that one day I would photograph these and put them all together in a book. That day has now finally arrived, although some 19 years later. Back then I noticed, how some of the Stonemasons' artwork was deteriorating and in some cases lost altogether. It had to be preserved somehow for later generations. So, here we are today and by looking through this book you will find photographs of  these old Headstones, beautifully sculpted by Stonemasons of the past, their symbolisms explained and inscriptions deciphered and recorded, using the Headstones from my parish church St.John the Baptist, Reedham as an illustration. The book is also an invitation for anyone to discover this historic art in any parish churchyard, wherever you may live or visit elsewhere. Discover what is on your own doorstep! You will find it...


A Selection of Churchyard Art...

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Headstone sculpture by Stonemasons of the past

© MaryBlanche Photography

The following photographs are not on display in the book as shown here. These just illustrate a few examples of the Stonemason's artwork in a larger size. The book displays the complete Headstones as they are, and not with a coloured background.

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What a lovely book you have produced and the title "Discovering Art in a Churchyard" is very apt.

The old Stonemasons were accomplished artisans.

I am amazed at the work you put into the book, and you are to be congratulated in producing such a beautiful volume. B.H., Lincoln


Splendid creative work and a major contribution to the recording of Reedham’s heritage. J.H.,Norfolk

The work, that Mary has put into this book is phenomenal. G.S., Sloley

Mary’s research is amazing… J.E., Blofield

Your excellent book has opened my eyes to what is carved in the stones. M.B., Bucks.

Your book has led me on a journey of discovery. F.B. Essex

It really is a cracker, so interesting and very well photographed. K.C., Norfolk

I found the whole presentation of the book so appealing; for a start, the book is so satisfying to hold –it’s size, solidity and flexibility – and the two covers, to me, evoke clarity…and then mystery. The internal text layout is so well balanced around fascinating and detailed photographs, where your commentary covers a myriad of interesting matters, which drew me ever onwards!  R.G., Essex

I found the book fascinating, not just because the talent of the Stonemasons, but also the variety of designs, & their deeper meaning. P. H. Gt. Yarmouth

Thank you for a delightful book. It is important, that the work of the Stonemasons is recorded for future generations. S.T-H., E.Sussex



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Profits made from the book -after expenses and in consultation with the P.C.C., will be for the benefit of a project in Reedham's Churchyard.


Name Index of Headstones featured in the book.

Names in bold print have multiple insertions.


Alborough-Anguish-Appegate-Ashley Miller-Atherton-Atlee-Ayden-Banham-Barker-Barnes-Barton-Bass-Basy-Batchalor-Baxter-Bedding-Bell-Benns-Bloom-Boast-Brett-Brinded-Brook-Browne-Brunning-Brydges-Burgess-Cable-Calver-Carver-Chapman-Chester-Chipperfield-Clement-Cockerill-Collins-Cooper-Cossey-Cowles-Cox-Crouchen-Curry-Dack-Darby-Dawson Rice-Deighton-Durrant-Dye-Edwards-Elwin-Everett-Ewles-Farrow-Feek-Forder-Fuller-Gant-Gillingwater-Goffen-Gowen-Gowing-Gravener-Green-Grey-Grimsell-Gunns-Hadingham-Halesworth-Hall-Hallows-Hammond-Harmer-Hayden-Hewett-Hewitt-Hindle-Hipperson-Hoggett-Howe-Howlett-Ives-Jackson-Jarvis-Jermyn-Johnson-Jones-Laws-Layton-Leathes-Lines-Little-Loom-Lown-Lubbock-Mace-Mallett-Manthorpe-Marshall-Mills-Mingay-Moughton-Mount-Murfitt-Mutten-Mutton-Newman-Nicholls-Parrott-Peacock-Pert-Pettingill-Pettitt-Playford-Pond-Porter-Pottle-Ralph-Rose-Rouse-Rushmer-Sales-Scarl-Sewell-Shearing-Shepherd-Smith-Sparkes-Stone-Tennant-Terry-Thompson-Thrower-Tompson-Turner-Wales-Warters-Waters-Webb-Webster-White-Williams-Winyard-Youngman.